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  1. Search for your travel destination here
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When will the data bundle expire?

Data bundles are sold for durations of 7 days or 30 days, which start when the eSIM is activated, not installed. This means you can buy and install a bundle now for travel later in the year. Your discount code will remain valid until the end of the year.

How do you receive and install your eSIM?

Buy online to receive your eSIM by email and install it using a QR code. Once installed, simply change your phone settings to use the eSIM for data when you arrive at your destination. Click for guides to iPhone and Android installation.

A name you can trust

easySim is part of the easy family of brands, so trust and great value is in our DNA. We’re based in the UK and put customers first.

Avoid rip-off roaming when travelling abroad

Say goodbye to costly roaming fees and enjoy affordable data wherever you go. Stay connected with loved ones, access maps, and share your travel memories without breaking the bank or worrying about the mobile bill waiting for you at home.

Hassle-free installation

Installing a traditional physical SIM card can be a hassle, especially if you need to swap out cards or deal with different sizes. With easySim, all you need to do is scan a QR code, change your settings so your phone routes data through your eSIM and you’re good to go. It’s quick, easy, and saves you precious time for exploring your destination.  And your eSIM is yours to keep and use whenever you like.

How an eSIM protects your data from insecure hotel Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks in hotels and cafes can be slow and unsafe, leaving your personal information vulnerable to hackers. Our eSIMs provide a secure and reliable connection, giving you peace of mind while browsing, emailing, or accessing sensitive information.

Best quality connection

In most countries, our eSIM’s have access to multiple Tier One mobile networks, giving you the best coverage and choice of connection wherever you roam, with speeds up to 5G. easySim also allows for devices such as laptops to be linked (or “tethered”) to your phone, meaning the data connection can be shared. This is ideal for business travel or using streaming services.

Dedicated customer support

At easySim, we take pride in offering exceptional customer support. If you ever encounter any issues or have questions, fill in our contact form here for 24/7 support.

More questions?

Find answers to all your questions, and guides to installing your eSIM here.