Our Story:
How easySim is changing the way we stay connected

easySim is a member of the easy® family of brands; founded by Sir Stelios Haji-loannou in 1998, and includes well known names such as easyJet, easyHotel and easyVoyage.

We provide a no-frills approach to staying connected whilst travelling abroad. Whether you’re travelling for business, or with friends, it’s easy to rack up a huge bill, especially as most networks are changing how roaming works following Brexit.

easySim enables you to purchase a low-cost prepaid data bundle for the country of your choice via an eSIM – which can be installed onto any compatible device.

With easySim, you pre-pay for your data bundle and avoid those high-cost roaming fees. You keep your current SIM card to receive important calls and SMS messages and because your eSIM is data only, you can still use your favourite OTT apps (such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Facetime) to make calls and to send messages. Our eSIM solution can be up to 95% cheaper than costly roaming charges from your home network.

The easyGroup Legacy: Pioneering a Revolution

Back in 1994, Sir Stelios embarked on an inspiring journey while in the United States. He envisioned a remarkable family of brands, united under the iconic “easy” prefix. His goal was clear – to create a diverse range of services that offered more value for less.

With this vision in mind, easyJet took flight in 1995, generating massive awareness and setting the stage for his dreams to take flight. The magic formula? A winning combination of the “easy” prefix and captivating nouns that described each offering.
Since then, the easy brand has evolved and expanded its wingspan across various sectors. From easyHotel to easyGym, easyCoffee to easyCar, we’ve extended our commitment to providing you, our valued consumers, with unmatched value and convenience.

As part of the renowned easy® family, easySim proudly carries forward this legacy of innovation and excellence. Join us on our mission to make worldwide connectivity easy and affordable.