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In a world where connectivity is paramount for business success, finding efficient and cost-effective solutions for staying connected while on the move is crucial. At easySim, we understand the challenges businesses face in managing travel data expenses. That’s why we offer an easy to use, easy to manage solution with our business eSIM service. Keep your team connected seamlessly and save up to 95% on business roaming data costs with our secure and reliable travel data service.

What are the benefits of eSIM for business?

Huge savings on roaming data with a business eSIM
Say goodbye to extortionate roaming charges. With easySim, you can save up to 95% on roaming data costs compared to your home network. Our business eSIM ensures that you stay connected without breaking the bank, making international business travel more affordable and efficient.

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Save up to 95% on business roaming data costs with our secure and reliable travel data service

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Your own company wallet
Simplify your finances with easySim’s company wallet feature. Manage expenses effortlessly as you allocate funds to your team members. This centralised approach streamlines financial transactions, providing a clear overview of your company’s travel data expenses.

No more bill shock
Worried about unexpected out of bundle roaming data charges? Our pre-paid model puts you in control. With easySim, there are no hidden fees or overcharges. You decide how much data your team needs, and they can use it without fear of unexpected expenses when they return from their business trip.

Global coverage with a business eSIM
Business knows no borders, and neither should your connectivity. Enjoy tier 1 network coverage in 150 countries worldwide with easySim’s global coverage. Stay connected wherever your business takes you, without compromising on network quality.

Better security
4G and 5G, like a secure vault, offers strong encryption and special keys to protect sensitive business data when using mobile internet. It ensures safer communication between devices and towers, controlled by trusted telecom companies.

Wi-Fi, like a shared office space, can be less secure with weaker encryption and multiple access points. This makes it easier for unauthorised individuals to access business data, leading to potential breaches.

For business operations needing secure data transfer, 4G and 5G have stronger security measures, encryption, and controlled access making them a more reliable choice compared to some Wi-Fi networks, safeguarding valuable business information.

Hotspot tethering
Boost productivity on the go by sharing your data with laptops and tablets. easySim’s hotspot tethering feature ensures that your team can collaborate seamlessly, turning any location into a productive workspace.


Michael Matheson, Health Secretary in Scotland, racked up a massive £11,000 roaming bill whilst on holiday in Morocco in 2023. Read full news article here.

Can I get a business eSIM for my work phone?

Absolutely! Getting an eSIM for your work phone is a straightforward process with easySim. Simply fill in the contact form below, and one of our business experts will reach out to discuss your requirements. We’ll set up your company wallet, add your users, and provide the necessary information to get started.

Other FAQs

How do I know if my wallet is running low?
Top-up alerts will be sent when the wallet is running low.

Can we control purchases?
Employees can purchase data bundles as long as there are funds available in the company wallet.  While this is not something we currently offer, we plan to introduce a spend limit per employee in our next update.

How do users receive their eSIM?
Once a data bundle has been purchased, we will email a QR code to the user with instructions on how to install on their device. For more information on installing an eSIM, see the FAQs under ‘Installing your eSIM’ on this page.

Do you provide support for end-users?
Certainly! We offer comprehensive support for end-users. Click the help icon ‘?’ at the bottom of your screen to chat with ‘Barry’, our friendly chat bot, who will guide you. If needed, you can also request to chat with a live human.

Which handsets work with easySIM?
easySim is compatible with a wide range of eSIM-enabled handsets, ensuring flexibility for your team’s device preferences. For a full list of eSIM-compatible handsets, click here.

Where can you use easySIM?
You can use easySim in over 150 countries worldwide, providing unparalleled global connectivity for your business needs. To find your destination, click here.

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