easySim Goes Global with US Dollar and Euro Pricing and Now Offers Verizon to Enable 5G

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easySim.global, the pioneering UK telecoms business based in Portsmouth, is already growing strongly worldwide despite only being launched three months ago. Today it announces major enhancements to its services to complement and support this rapid global growth.

Beating down data roaming costs around the world

easySim provides low-cost travel data for 150 countries worldwide by eSIM, solving the problem of “rip-off roaming”, which can happen when your home mobile network charges extortionate amounts for using data abroad.

This is a worldwide issue, so it is not surprising that the company has seen exceptional growth in the US and European markets as international travel rebounds. Consequently, all data bundles offered on https://www.easysim.global are now priced in US dollars and euros as well as sterling, enabling transparent pricing and allowing more customers to benefit from the savings and convenience of an eSIM from easySim.

Moving to global currencies

As most global eSIM websites are priced in US dollars, users of mobile devices will now be able to transparently compare easySim’s prices for travel data worldwide. easySim welcomes price comparison as its rates are extremely competitive, for a superior product with coverage from multiple Tier One mobile networks, backed up by excellent customer service from a trusted brand. easySim also scores highly on Reviews.io with customers rating it 4.7/5.

Company co-founder Jim Guest said of the move to global currencies:

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Almost immediately after launching easySim it became clear that there is worldwide demand for low-cost travel data delivered via eSIM. We serve a global market of anyone, anywhere, needing mobile connectivity when travelling abroad, so it made perfect sense to offer our data bundles in dollars and euros to enable customers to pay in their home currency. We’re all about saving our customers time and money, so we’re happy to eliminate the extra fees and hassle of currency exchange when they purchase online.

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Joining Verizon to enable 5G in the USA

Additionally, easySim is announcing upgraded connectivity within the USA, as easySim customers can now use the Verizon cellular network at 5G speeds. Unlike some competitors, easySim provides data from multiple networks in most countries, for the widest coverage. For example, easySim’s users have access to AT&T alongside Verizon in the US while no less than 4 networks are offered in destinations such as the UK, Canada, France and Spain.

Investing in global growth

easySim director and co-founder Richard Gwilliam explains how these latest developments will power the global expansion of business:

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We’ve already seen that the cost savings and simplicity of use of our eSIM data bundles appeal to travellers worldwide. We’re delighted to be accepting payments in dollars and euros and enabling 5G in the USA, as these developments show our commitment to serving the global market. We expect these innovations to unlock further growth in major markets and we have more exciting developments in the pipeline.

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Delivering on the easy family promise

easySim is part of the renowned easy family of brands established by Sir Stelios Haji-Iouannou, founder of easyJet. The speed of growth of the company has exceeded even the targets set by Sir Stelios, who is a key investor in the business.

Sir Stelios comments on the rapid success of easySim:

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The easy family of brands stands for delivering value, innovation and taking on the big guys. I am proud of easySim.global for delivering these brand values in the mobile data roaming space! Customers around the world are realising how much they can save by using easySim’s data bundles when travelling outside their home country compared to using data roaming from their current provider. Now they can buy online and pay in their own local currency.

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A greener, convenient and secure alternative to SIM cards

eSIM technology eliminates the need for physical SIM cards, leading to significant environmental benefits. By going digital, easySim reduces the waste and carbon emissions associated with the production, distribution and disposal of conventional SIM cards.

It’s also about convenience and security. Travelers can now forget the hassle of juggling multiple SIM cards or worrying about losing them. With eSIM, your travel data plan is securely stored on your phone, ready to use until you activate it at your destination.

Connecting the world

Staying online while travelling is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Whether navigating new cities, staying in touch with loved ones or keeping up with work, easySim ensures you’re always connected. With coverage in 150 countries from the United States to Europe, Asia and beyond, you’ll get great value, secure and reliable connectivity wherever you roam… at speeds of up to 5G.

easySim believes that travel should be about discovery, not about worrying about the cost of data, mobile security or connectivity issues. That’s why easySim makes global communication simple and straightforward, providing great value travel data by eSIM while you enjoy your travels. Whether for work or pleasure, see how much you can save on your next trip at https://www.easysim.global/destinations.

Notes to editors

  • easySim.global provides prepaid data eSIMs giving access to local Tier 1 mobile network operators worldwide.
  • easySim.global’s roaming service is data only and does not provide voice calls or SMS, but voice calling and messaging through popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facetime, Messenger etc.
  • The full list of supported countries can be found here.
  • The full list of eSIM compatible phones can be found here.
  • Users will be required to change their phone settings to set the eSIM as the default data service while abroad.
  • Customer support is provided online 24/7 by visiting the support page here.
  • For further information on easySim.global contact Jim Guest by email on [email protected].
  • Join easySim.global on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
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