Installing your eSIM

In this guide, you have a step-by-step walkthrough you can take when installing an eSIM on your IOS device.

In this guide, you have a step-by-step walkthrough you can take when installing an eSIM on your IOS device.

In this guide, you have a step-by-step walkthrough you can take when installing an eSIM on your Android/Google Device.

The Google Pixel needs to be configured to use 2 SIMs.

1. Goto Settings > Network & internet
2. Next to Mobile network, tap “+” Add
3. Then tap Download a SIM instead?
4. “Use 2 SIMs?” tap Yes to update phone

Now scan our QR code and it should work.

General questions

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a digital SIM card that is built into a device, such as a smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card. It allows users to connect to mobile networks without the hassle of physically inserting or swapping SIM cards. With an eSIM, users can switch between different mobile networks and activate new plans directly through their device’s settings. It provides greater flexibility and convenience, especially for travelers, as it enables seamless connectivity in multiple countries without the need to acquire and change physical SIM cards.

  1. Make sure your device is NOT LOCKED to a single network.
  2. We continually update our list of eSIM compatible phones on the following page Does my phone support eSIM?

Once you have purchased a data bundle, easySim will email your QR code with instructions on how to install on your device. If you are doing everything on your mobile, you may not be able to scan your QR code. You can also email the QR code to a friend then scan it off their device.

Your eSIM is also visible from your account under My eSIM.  We have included a copy feature if you are unable to scan the QR code.

Your internet speed is reliant on network congestion, prioritisation and coverage of your local network carrier.  If you are experiencing slow speeds, and if you are in a destination where we have more than one network partner, try a manual network search and choose an alternative network.

For a list of supported networks in the country you are visiting, please click here

If that doesn’t help, please click on our help icon “?” on the bottom of your screen.  Meet “Barry” our friendly chat bot and ask to chat to a real human.

Your eSIM has no restrictions on the websites or apps you would like to access. However, some websites may be inaccessible due to security protocols, proxy settings and local restrictions in the region.

Yes, you can use WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok with an eSIM. Please note that some social media sites may be restricted in certain countries.

Whilst we are aiming to offer eSIMs compatible on wearable devices in future, we do not currently support this with our technology.

No. One eSIM can only be installed on a single device at any time.

easySim eSIMs are data only and you won’t be able to send SMS or make phone calls. However, internet-based messaging and calling services can be accessed using the mobile data provided by your eSIM such as WhatsApp.

You will be able to send and receive calls and SMS via your home network operator SIM, if you select your home SIM as the preferred SIM for these services. Please note that your home network provider may charge for calls and SMS while roaming.

Yes, you can use your home SIM card with your eSIM, provided that your device has dual SIM capabilities. Dual SIM devices allow you to use both a physical SIM card and an eSIM at the same time, giving you the ability to use two different networks on a single device. Once you have both SIMs set up, you can choose which SIM to use for calls, messages, and data.

No.  An eSIM will not drain your battery any quicker than a physical SIM.  However, if you only need data, we recommend you “Turn-off” your primary SIM, as using two SIMs will drain your battery faster.  If you have two signal strength icons showing on your phone, then both SIMs are active.

Travel eSIMs can only be installed on devices that are NOT locked to a network.

If you have an iPhone, you can check in settings.  Go to Settings > General > About > Scroll down to Network Provider Lock > if it says ‘No SIM restrictions’ your phone is unlocked.

Android handsets do not have this facility in settings so you may need to check with your provider or try a different network SIM in your phone and see if it connects.

We get asked this question a lot and it is a tricky one to answer because it really depends on your individual data usage and whether your usage habits change when you travel.  Other factors that need to be taken in to consideration are how long are you travelling for and how reliable is the free WiFi, but here are some general rules of thumb:

Our 1GB data bundles last for 7 days and for light browsing and messaging, 1GB should be more than enough for a trip up to one week.

For slightly longer trips or for streaming, maps and occasional social media, aim for 3-5 GB.

If you are streaming HD movies, attending long on-line meetings such as Teams or Google Meets or, if you consider yourself a heavy social media user, you may want to go for 10-20GB.

Our advice is to aim low because it’s so easy to top-up with easySim and our pre-paid data bundles mean you cannot be caught out by overspend.  We also send messages to your eSIM when you reach 50%, 80% and 100% of usage.

Managing eSIMs

At this time, we support ONE eSIM per account.  So if you need an eSIM for someone else, you will need to create a seperate account.  It is on our roadmap to introduce a family feature where multiple eSIMs can be managed from a single account.

We provide a single eSIM which will work with all our bundles.  The eSIM is yours to keep if you continue to use it at least once per year.  There are a limited number of eSIMs allocated, so we may revoke your eSIM if it remains unused for over one year.  But don’t worry, we will just send you a new eSIM when you make your next purchase.

There could be several reasons why you’re unable to scan your QR code for your eSIM. Here are a few things you can try to resolve the issue:

  1. Your phone may not be eSIM compatible, not all phones are. Check here to see our Compatible Device List.
  2. Check your handset is NOT locked to a single operator.
  3. Use your device camera to scan the code – do not use a QR reader app.
  4. If you are getting an error message ‘Your QR code is invalid’ it means the eSIM has already installed.

If none of the above work, you could try restarting your phone. If that doesn’t help, please click on our help icon “?” on the bottom of your screen.  Meet “Barry” our friendly chat bot and ask to chat to a real human.

Once you have purchased your data bundle and installed your eSIM, your data bundle will begin as soon as you switch on data roaming and connect to a network.

You will need to switch on data roaming on your eSIM profile.  To avoid data roaming charges from your home network, it is important that you switch off data roaming on the SIM for your home mobile network operator.

You can purchase a new data bundle whenever you need to.  Each purchase will extend the duration by 7 or 30 days depending on the bundle you choose.

Your data bundle is valid for a specific term of either 7 days or 30 days.  Unused data expires at the end of the term.  You can purchase a new data bundle at any time on the easySim website.

If you have purchased an additional data bundle, you may have to switch your eSIM off and on to allow the eSIM to recognise it.  A quick way to do this is to switch Airplane Mode on for 10 seconds and then switch it back to off.

Great news, your easySim eSIM will work in all countries. All you need to do is purchase a data bundle for the country you are visiting.

When installing your eSIM, the name of our chosen network partner may be displayed. This is normal.

You can check which SIM you are using in the settings of your phone. You can also choose which SIM will be used for voice calls, SMS and data. You will need to ensure you have chosen your eSIM for data when you reach your destination. To do this follow these steps:


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go into “Mobile Data”
  3. Click on which eSIM you want to use / enable for data.
  4. Make sure “Turn On This Line” is turned on.


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go into “Network and Internet”
  3. Go into “SIMs”
  4. Click on your eSIM
  5. Make sure “Use eSIM” is on
  6. On the same page, you will notice that you are able to choose which SIM is preferred for data, voice and SMS. Make sure your eSIM is preferred for data

As with all technology, restarting your device can often make it work.

If that doesn’t work, and if we have multiple network partners in the country you are visiting, then selecting an alternative network may help.  Instructions below:


  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Tap “Cellular / Mobile Data”
  3. Select the SIM you want to configure > Ensure “Turn On This Line” is on > Tap “Network Selection”
  4. Disable “Automatic”. Your phone will now manually search for available networks
  5. Choose your desired network
  6. Your are now connected to the selected network.


  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Tap “Network & internet” or “Connections” option. The exact name may vary depending on your Android version or device manufacturer.
  3. Look for an option called “Mobile networks,” “SIM card & mobile networks,” “SIMs” or something similar and tap to proceed.
  4. Tap on your eSIM which will be called Drei unless you have given it a friendly name
  5. Scroll down to Network and turn off ‘Automatically select network’. Your phone will now search for all available networks.
  6. Simply choose an alternative network.

Yes, you can use your eSIM’s internet data on other devices by creating a personal hotspot.

On iOS, you can do this under the “Personal Hotspot” menu under settings.

On Android, you can do this under the “WiFi hotspot” settings.

You can check how much you have used by logging into your account at login to your account

If you have lost your device and want to suspend or terminate your eSIM, please click on our help icon “?” on the bottom of your screen.  Meet “Barry” our friendly chat bot and ask to chat to a real human.

Our eSIM’s have an automatic Access Point Name (APN) and so manual programming is not necessary. However, if you do want to check or manually configure the APN, follow the steps below:


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Mobile/Celluar Data
  3. Under Mobile/Celluar Data plans select your eSIM
  4. Mobile/Celluar Data Network
  5. In the Mobile/Celluar Data APN field, type drei.at


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Network & Internet section
  3. Mobile Networks
  4. Access Point Names
  5. Type the new APN settings, drei.at

If you would like to remove an eSIM that is no longer required, this article walks you through the steps on how to do so.


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap either Cellular or Mobile Data.
  3. Tap the plan you want to erase.
  4. Tap Delete eSIM.

Android Devices

  1. Open your mobile device’s settings app.
  2. Tap Network and Internet. Mobile network.
  3. Select the eSIM that you want to delete.
  4. Tap Delete SIM.

Need help?

Click on our help icon “?” on the bottom of your screen.  Meet “Barry” our friendly chat Bot who will point you in the right direction.  If Barry cannot help – ask to chat to a real human.